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‘FOUR SISTERS’: A closer look at the Salazar siblings’ Achievement Wall

Did you know that each Salazar sibling was a high school valedictorian...except for Alex?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

12/11/2019 in News
‘FOUR SISTERS’: A closer look at the Salazar siblings’ Achievement Wall

At this point, we've all rewatched "Four Sisters and a Wedding" so much that it must feel as though we know the Salazar siblings Teddie (Toni Gonzaga), Bobbie (Bea Alonzo), Alex (Angel Locsin), Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao), and CJ (Enchong Dee) like the back of our hands. 

Perhaps one of the most scrutinized moments from the film -- aside from the legendary 13-minute "I'm sorry, Ma" confrontation scene that is now, it’s safe to say, fully embedded in the Philippines' cultural fabric -- is Mama Grace's (Coney Reyes) crowning glory: the Achievement Wall. 

"Impressive, nakakasilaw ang bahay niyo, balae," Boy Bayag (Boboy Garovillo) said to Grace while admiring the Achievement Wall during his first visit at the Salazar household, "puro gold!"

If you’re one of those people who delight in the top notch “Four Sisters and a Wedding” content on Twitter, there’s a chance you’ve seen this movie zoomed in within an inch of its life before. Netizens have been attempting to break down this wall for years and, today, we’re giving the customers what the customers want: exclusive information on the educational history of the Salazar Siblings. Time to dissect this Achievement Wall

All the Salazar siblings graduated from the same high school - the fictional Astra Academy of Manila where their Mom serves as the Principal. Each of them also graduated as valedictorian in their respective batches, except of course for Alex, who is not the most academically inclined. 

Now, onto individual wins!

Being the product of two teachers, she was the first among her siblings to decide that she wanted to be a teacher and as such pursued an Education degree. Social Studies was close to her heart, and she excelled in it quite a lot. She decided to stay within that field in college (declaring it as her major) and eventually she graduated Cum Laude. Safe to say that her side of the wall had its fair share of glory. Teddie was quite impressive but then again there was Bobbie.

Eternally ignored second child Bobbie apparently has enough bragging rights to make her Ate feel less than adequate very early into the game. Their academic rivalry really did have deep roots.

And if that wasn’t severely overachieving enough, her college achievements will sweep you off your feet. First of all, she was summa cum laude in her chosen course of Communication and was also awarded Best Thesis during her college graduation.

But wait! There’s more! We all know that Bobbie has a Graduate Degree from Columbia University, which by the way is an Ivy League school, which means...yeah, that Master's Degree Bobbie's carrying around is kind of a big, huge, gigantic deal. Here's what you don't know though -- and probably what Mama Grace doesn’t know because she couldn’t even remember that her child finished a whole degree in the US but *sips tea* that’s a conversation for another time --  her degree is on Global Thought. Nothing but the most challenging for our favorite Corporate Communications Manager!

Alex’s college career is also quite interesting. Before finding her rightful place in the university as a Film major, she initially pursued Tourism. However, once she shifted out from her first choice, she excelled in her chosen course. She, like her "favorite sister" Bobbie, was awarded Best Thesis for her short film and, you won't see this in the achievement wall, but she won the top prize in an interuniversity film festival.

Sino'ng black sheep ngayon? Alex is no joke in her field, mga sis. She may not have the gold to back it up but she's an achiever in her own right!

But where her three older sisters preferred freedom in more creative ventures, Gabbie liked the rigidity and order of scientific study. The second sibling to pursue an Education degree, she double majored in Biology and Chemistry (a subject she eventually taught high school kids). With her quiet passion, dedication and academic excellence, she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Gabbie definitely proved she can hold her own when it comes to the Achievement Wall.

In college, CJ’s interests shifted from Engineering to Software Programming and he eventually found his passion in coding. He majored in Information Technology and actually graduated Magna Cum Laude because talagang lahat sila passionate at overachieving sa pamilyang 'to. How’s that for filling up his side of the Achievement Wall?

All of the Salazar siblings found their passion as early as College, determined and hardworking as they are. Pursuing their passions have led them to their impressive careers, with Bobbie and Teddie even going abroad for their jobs. Of course, Bobbie found more success than her elder sister but we can commend Teddie for doing what most of us are afraid to: taking a risk!

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