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‘Quezon’s Game’ premieres at Philippine Film Festival in Israel

“Quezon’s Game” were among the films that were screened during the Philippine Film Festival.

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

11/6/2019 in News
‘Quezon’s Game’ premieres at Philippine Film Festival in Israel

The historical film “Quezon’s Game” just premiered at the Philippine Film Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel!

In a report by Rose Eclarinal aired on “TV Patrol” last night, November 5, it was stated that the film was well-received by both FIlipinos and Israeli people.

According to Matthew Rosen, the director of the flick, he felt overwhelmed over the audience’s positive response.

“When the film finishes and the audience get up and clap, that’s a great feeling for any filmmaker.”

Also in attendance were the “Manilaners,” a group of Jewish people who lived in the country during the Holocaust.

“Quezon’s Game,” which had its theatrical release in the country in May, centers around the time of the presidency of Manuel L. Quezon, and his plan to shelter Jewish people who fled Germany and Austria to escape the Nazi regime, within the Philippines.

It stars Raymond Bagatsing as Pres. Quezon and Rachel Alejandro as his wife Aurora.

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