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5 times we got all kilig over Liza's Twitter Q&A!

Missed Liza's Q&A on Twitter? We rounded up some of her most kilig-inducing answers here!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/3/2019 in News
5 times we got all kilig over Liza's Twitter Q&A!

Twitter world couldn't handle Liza Soberano’s impromptu #AskLiza session yesterday, November 2.

The actress gamely answered questions from the fans, with queries ranging from who her favorite K-Pop groups are to choosing between two of her favorite things. But what made our hearts go all a flutter was when she answered some questions in relation to her on-and-off screen partner Enrique Gil.

Here, we listed down some of the tweets that we almost died from kasi ‘di namin kinaya! We're warning you, you might do the same too:

1. When Liza gave us a never-before-seen photo with Quen during their fifth anniversary celebration 



A fan asked her about the last photo she had with Enrique in her phone gallery, and we weren't ready to see such romantic photo of them together. ❤️

2. When she described her relationship with Enrique as "secure"



It was literally a "sana all" moment when Liza said that she felt "secure and content" upon seeing a side by side photo of her with Enrique taken from a few years back and a photo of them taken recently.

3. When we found out that Liza and Enrique...share a towel? 🤭



Fans can finally sleep in peace upon solving the mystery of who the owner of the green towel is. Of course, we still can't get over the fact that they freely borrow each other's belongings. Sharing is caring talaga. ❤

4. Kiss or hug? Well, Liza prefers doing them at once!



It seems like Liza is both a kisser and hugger as she prefers doing both at the same time. Teka lang, Liza ha. Bakit kinilig kami doon? 🙈

5. When she can't choose between Justin Bieber or Enrique Gil. LOL!



Fans couldn't help but LOL knowing how much Liza loves both her ultimate idol and her beloved jowa.

Liza most recently starred in the Black Sheep-produced film "Alone/Together" alongside Enrique. The two are gearing up for their upcoming series "Make It With You.”

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