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5 of Angelica and Bea’s best moments in their epic 'Let's Be Honest' game

The “Unbreakable” actresses got sloshed and it was iconic.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/29/2019 in News
5 of Angelica and Bea’s best moments in their epic 'Let's Be Honest' game

This is a fact: Angelica Panganiban and Bea Alonzo’s friendship is legendary.

In a collaboration between Star Cinema and the content creators Rec•Create, we saw precisely how amazing the bond is between the "Unbreakable" actresses as they took on a lie detector drinking game. The rules were simple: they'll ask each other a question and when their answer is revealed to be a lie, they'll not only get an electric shock, they’ll also have to drink a shot.

Here, we compiled some of their most hilarious moments from the video:

1. When they kept doing shots together (even if ‘di kailangan!)


Because that's what friends are for, right? ‘Pag lasing isa, lasing dapat lahat! Sabi nga ni Angelica, hindi sila nag-iiwanan sa ere. 😂

2. When Bea almost spit out a shot!


And siyempre, Angelica took that opportunity to point out the difference between her alcohol tolerance (and enjoyment) versus Bea’s. Tawang tawa kami!

Here's proof:


3. When Angelica thought she had a clip-on bangs!


Mid-way through their game, Angelica attempted to remove her bangs, thinking they were clip-on extensions!

"Kanina ko pa akalang may extensions 'yung bangs ko. Alam mo 'yung naiinitan ako, gusto ko siyang baklasin, Mamee!" Angelica joked.

4. Their include subtle hugots


When Angelica said that they should "move on" to a new question, Bea jokingly answered, "Naka-move on na 'ko, Mamsh!"

OOOOOFFFF! Ayan ang sagot!

5. When we actually learned more about their genuine and unbreakable friendship

We had a lot of fun seeing these two endure electric shocks and get totally drunk (sorry, Queens!), but our favorite part of this video was Angelica and Bea getting real about their friendship.

As Bea revealed, she and Angelica “speak the same language” when it comes to their craft. They have helped each other grow, and have tremendous respect for each other — that is what makes their relationship unbreakable!

May we all find a friendship just like Angelica and Bea's! 💖

You can watch the entire video here:

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