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  • 3 times the 'M&M: The Mall, The Merrier' teaser gave us major laughs!

3 times the 'M&M: The Mall, The Merrier' teaser gave us major laughs!

Vice, Anne, Dimples + Tony are here to give you a merry and marvelous Christmas!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/22/2019 in News
3 times the 'M&M: The Mall, The Merrier' teaser gave us major laughs!

The "M&M: The Mall, The Merrier" teaser is finally here, and it will make your Christmas a merry and marvelous one!

Star Cinema dropped the preview today, November 22, across all social media platforms and it's already giving everyone major laughs with LOL-worthy moments. It featured scenes of “It’s Showtime” sisters Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis, who play as siblings in the movie, having the ultimate clash of ownership for the mall their parents owned.

We also saw a peek into the characters of Tony Labrusca and Dimples Romana.

Here, we featured some key scenes that truly gave us laughs from the teaser:

1. Redefining sibling rivalry!


While we still do not know why Anne kept asking Vice a big "why?" we couldn’t help but laugh when Vice gave it a humorous twist! From "bakit" to "pangit" real quick! 😂

2. The shop face-off


Trip to Italy or trip to...Jerusalem? Ikaw mamili, besh!

3. The fashion showdown


It wouldn’t be a Vice Ganda Christmas extravaganza without major fashion moments. We saw a grandiose showdown towards the end of the teaser! We cannot wait to see how this scene plays out!

Watch the teaser here:

Helmed by Barry Gonzalez, "M&M: The Mall, The Merrier" is slated for release on Christmas Day!

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