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TIMELINE: A look back on Bea and Angelica’s best dramatic movie scenes

Get your tissues ready, you’ll need them while watching Bea Alonzo and Angelica Panganiban’s most iconic drama scenes!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

11/22/2019 in News
TIMELINE: A look back on Bea and Angelica’s best dramatic movie scenes

Angelica Panganiban and Bea Alonzo are two of the finest movie stars of their generation: they’ve done it all, conquering genre after genre so thoroughly that they’re both dubbed as “Queens” in the industry.

They’re finally coming together in the upcoming Mae Cruz-Alviar movie, “Unbreakable” and before we see that magic unfold before our very eyes in cinemas nationwide, let’s all look back at their best and most iconic dramatic scenes from Star Cinema movies!

Basha’s “basag-pinggan” moment in “A Second Chance”


Who could forget Bea’s iconic character Basha?

In this scene, Basha showed just how headstrong she could be, and it’s a moment we should all remember. If we’re being honest: we will never, ever grow tired of Bea’s portrayal of Basha.

The drama on the comedy flick “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes”


Angelica’s prowess in the comedy genre is well-documented, and in this movie, she effortlessly drew laughter with her hilarious lines, which she was able to pull off even in the middle of drama sequences!

This talent of mixing comedy with drama is an Angelica Panganiban trademark and we love her for it.

That unexpected scene from “Kasal”


The 2018 film “Kasal,” Bea’s delivered an intense performance as Lia in one of the most dramatic scenes in the movie. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who can pull off that “nanginginig boses habang nagbe-break down” move as effortlessly as Bea could.

“Close ba tayo?” in “That Thing Called Tadhana”


Remember when Angelica became the ultimate role model of people na iniwan, sinaktan, and ‘di na minahal? Her lowkey and down to earth portrayal of Mace in this film cemented her as one of the most powerful actresses ever. ‘Yung emotions? Ramdam hanggang sa buto, tagos sa kaluluwa!

Wife versus Mistress in “The Love Affair”


We can’t deny our affinity for “kabit” movies. Who doesn’t love an intense confrontation between a wife and a mistress? “The Love Affair” gave us a good twist to this story by giving us a mistress na...mistress nga ba talaga? Sino nga bang mas tama dito? Si Bea o si Dawn?

We have to say, we love a moral dilemma-inducing moment, especially if Bea is in any way involved in it.

“Konti na lang pasensya ko” in “One More Try”


Speaking of moral dilemmas, here’s one that we still love to rehash after all these years: if your husband needed to save a child he didn’t know he had by sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, would you let him? In “One More Try,” Angelica handled the role of Jacqueline with dignity and grace, but when it came to fighting for her family, the claws came out and we saw a side of Angelica that we frankly loved watching on the big screen (because y’know, drama is life!).

7. This unforgettable scene from “The Mistress”


The father or the son? Sari had to make this decision in “The Mistress,” and in the hands of Bea, she did so with as much class as humanly possible in this incredibly tough, nearly outlandish situation.

Bea’s acting prowess in this film left us with one of the most iconic scenes in the local movie industry.

8. #TruthBombsOnly on “The Unmarried Wife”


Angelica reunited with her “One More Try” hubby Dingdong Dantes on “The Unmarried Wife” back in 2016. The film was an instant hit, and this scene was one of the reasons why! Sino nga ba namang ‘di masasaktan if paulit-ulit kang niloloko ng asawa mo?

Angelica was pure fire in this movie, and there are seriously times we think about this scene in particular (and how much we’d like to recreate it to the people who hurt us) on a daily basis.

9. “Bakit kasalanan ko?” In “Four Sisters and a Wedding”


Cult classic. Legendary. Iconic. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe this scene, which is so on point that it has literally embedded itself into the fabric of daily Filipino life. May nabasag kang pinggan? “Bakit kasalanan ko?” ‘Di mo na lock ‘yung front door bago ka umalis ng bahay? “Parang kasalanan ko?”

Bobbie Salazar is all of us, so let’s thank Bea for breathing life into her.

10. “One More Try’s” gigil na gigil scene


Another legendary scene: this sigawan, sabunutan and sampalan moment between Angelica and another queen, Angel Locsin. When this was first released back in 2012, it sort of...broke the internet way before that was even a thing. It was such an unexpected yet well-executed catfight, and you know what, we’re still not over it.

There’s really nothing we want less in this world than to be backhanded by Angelica Panganiban, and that just goes to show how excellent she was in this movie.

Expect more intense and dramatic scenes with Bea and Angelica in “Unbreakable!” The film, which is directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, also stars Richard Gutierrez and will hit theaters on November 27.

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