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7 unforgettable ‘PBB’ love teams we shipped but didn’t fly

Here’s a rundown of some of the most unforgettable love teams that were formed inside Kuya’s yellow house!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/16/2019 in News
7 unforgettable ‘PBB’ love teams we shipped but didn’t fly

“Pinoy Big Brother” has been the “teleserye ng totoong buhay” since it first went on the air in 2005. Apart from being a source of the most shook-tastic controversies and endless entertainment for the past 14 years, the program has been known as the place where some of the most popular love teams have originated.

While some pairings flew to great heights of popularity, some fizzled out. We tried, we shipped, but these “PBB” couples just didn’t ~happen~ and today we will look back on them because why not?

1. Bianca Gonzalez and Zanjoe Marudo

The year 2006 saw the launch of the first Celebrity Edition of “PBB.” Among the batch’s housemates were Bianca and Zanjoe, who unintentionally fell in love with one another. This caused the former’s break-up with her ex-boyfriend. Following their sweetness inside the house, things turned out quite differently when they finally went back to the outside world.

Bianca is now married to basketball player JC Intal, while Zanjoe is rumored to be in a relationship with surfer Josie Prendergast.

2. Kim Chiu and Mikee Lee

Before there were KimXi and Kimerald, there was KiMikee. In 2006, Kuya opened his house for teenagers who were willing to prove themselves to the world, and among them were Kim and Mikee. Viewers saw the chemistry between the two, and coincidentally, they were both of Chinese descent.

Sadly, their friendship did not last long. Gerald Anderson was in the wings for Kim, after all.

In an interview in 2017, Mikee admitted that he and Kim liked one another, but never fell in love.

3. Joshua Garcia and Jane Oineza

Joshane was a loveteam formed during Joshua and Jane‘s stint as housemates in "PBB: All In." Sadly, an unexpected turn of events inside the house led Joshua to no longer pursue the actress. They stayed friends when they returned to the outside world.

4. Joshua Garcia and Loisa Andalio

Joshua was linked to another “PBB” housemate, and she is none other than Loisa. During their stay, they considered themselves best friends but they went on separate ways soon after they began their acting careers.

However, the two got the chance to work with one another in the primetime series “The Good Son.”

5. Ylona Garcia and Bailey May

Among the most talented housemates during the 10th year of “PBB” in 2015 were Ylona and Bailey. Both hailed from foreign lands and their cute looks and chemistry left a mark among people.

After being linked with Barbie Imperial, who was the first to be evicted during their season, Bailey was chosen to revive the song “Magmahal Muli” with Ylona, which was originally performed by Say Alonzo and Sam Milby during the program’s first season.

BaiLona was actually quite a successful pair in the outside world, but they parted ways when Bailey flew to the U.S. to be a part of the group Now United.

6. Vivoree Esclito and Marco Gallo

MarVoree was among the most heavily shipped love teams during the seventh season of “Pinoy Big Brother” in 2016. Both Vivoree and Marco admitted their feelings towards one another, but, unfortunately, issues that hounded their team up eventually caused the two to part ways.

In an interview last year, Marco revealed that he is not open to working with his former leading lady. Vivoree, on the other hand, is currently paired with Hashtag CK Kieron.

7. Edward Barber and Heaven Peralejo

Before we had MayWard, there was EdVen or VenWard.

While inside the house, Edward was very open about his admiration towards Heaven. However, their chemistry fizzled out and he was later paired with his best friend and “soulmate” Maymay Entrata. They have stayed strong together ever since. (Iba talaga ‘pag meant to be!)

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