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3 Julia Montes movies you can stream on iWant!

Here are three of Julia Montes’ best movies that you can now stream anytime!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

11/12/2019 in News
3 Julia Montes movies you can stream on iWant!

There’s no denying that Julia Montes is among this generation’s best actresses. Apart from her stunning looks, she has starred in some of the best movies that we have ever seen.

The actress may be on hiatus from the limelight right now, but that would not stop us from reliving some of her best movie roles. To delight her biggest fans, we have listed three of her greatest films which truly made a mark in our hearts.

“Halik sa Hangin”

“Halik sa Hangin,” which was released in 2015, paired Julia with Gerald Anderson.

It tells the story of Mia (Julia) who was forced to live with her estranged mother after a series of tragic incidents. Following that, she started making new friends yet the loneliness that she felt remained. Later on, she would meet Gio, a man whose adventurous spirit enchanted her. Mia would then make a discovery that would start haunting her life.

If you’re feeling horror with a touch of romance, “Halik sa Hangin” is for you! Watch it here

“A Moment in Time”

“A Moment in Time” marked Julia’s first movie team-up with Coco Martin.

It presented the life of Patrick (Coco) who was struggling to provide for his sister’s needs. Later on, he crossed paths with Jillian (Julia) who hailed from a wealthy family, and with whom he falls in love. Their growing and blossoming relationship led to chaos as Patrick discovered a very dark secret from Jillian’s past.

If you’ve been missing Julia and Coco’s team up, you can watch their movie here

“Way Back Home”

“Way Back Home” is a story about two sisters who have been separated for years.

Jessica (Julia) has been holding the pain and guilt of losing her sister Joanna (Kathryn Bernardo) during their childhood years. Following a sudden reunion and an urge to make up for their lost time, Jessica made everything hard for her sister, with resentment growing between them.

Want to warm your heart with a good cry? Watch “Way Back Home” here! 

Those are some of Julia’s best movies that you could binge-watch anytime. So what are you waiting for? Start a movie marathon today! Catch these movies anytime, anywhere only on iWant!

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