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5 times KiaNo made our hearts flutter in the 'Paano Kung' music video

Who would have thought that a music video can be this beautiful and painful at the same time? ☹

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/29/2019 in News
5 times KiaNo made our hearts flutter in the 'Paano Kung' music video

Juris' "Paano Kung" music video has finally been released and it starred no other than Kiara Takahashi and Gino Roque IV!

Star Music dropped the music video last night, October 28, and it was definitely as kilig-inducing as we thought it would be. From Kiara and Gino's chemistry to the romantic yet heartbreaking plot, the music video gave us all sorts of emotions that tore our hearts into pieces.

Here, we compiled every KiaNo moment from the music video that captured and wrecked our hearts at the same time:

1. Their simple yet electrifying stares


While we found out that Kiara and Gino aren't exactly a couple in the music video, we still couldn’t help but root for them especially since they radiated so much chemistry! Tingin palang, kilig na kilig na kami! 

2. That K-drama-ish scene in the bookshop


That scene where Gino reaches a book for Kiara totally gave us K-drama vibes, making us all wish for the pair to star in their own drama series soon. Who else is with us? 🙋🏾‍♀

3. Their very cute bonding over food


Kiara and Gino seemed to have their own way of understanding each other that a simple bonding over food will turned into a full on ~moment~!

4. That HHWW scene


Even if it's just for a music video, that holding hands while walking scene made us all feel incredibly single. 

5. That almost kiss in the cheek


Their music video characters appeared to be slowly falling in love with each other but the story reminded us how they aren't together in the first place. Almost is never enough talaga, ano? Ang sakit, besh! 💔


Watch the music video here:

Apart from starring in their first-ever music video, Kiara and Gino are also MYX's celebrity VJs for the whole month of October.

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