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PHOTOS: Erika Portunak celebrates her 18th birthday with a foam party!

It was a fun and memorable night for Erika with all the foam, friends, booze, and music!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 10/24/2019 in Photos

Erika Portunak marked her 18th birthday celebration with a foam party!

In a series of photos Nice Print Photo shared on Instagram last October 21, we got a glimpse of how colorful the whole setup was, complete with a dessert tabls, mobile bar, food carts, neon lights, the loud music, and a whole bunch of foam, foam, and foam!



A post shared by Ina Raymundo (@inaraymundo95) on


Of course, the Portunaks made sure to dress their best — they donned rainbow colors to match Erika's stunning orange outfit.

Proud mom Ina Raymundo also shared more snaps from the party in a series of Instagram Stories, where we saw how their whole family enjoyed the one-of-a-kind celebration. Even Erika's younger sisters Anika, Mikaela, and Minka Portunak all enjoyed playing with the foam! Cuties!

You can see more photos from her party in the gallery above. Happy browsing!

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