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4 scenes from the ‘You Have Arrived’ trailer that caught us off-guard!

Here’s a rundown of the exciting scenes from the new “You Have Arrived” trailer!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

10/23/2019 in News
4 scenes from the ‘You Have Arrived’ trailer that caught us off-guard!

iWant just dropped the first trailer for the upcoming teen thriller “You Have Arrived”!

Earlier today, October 23, the streaming site gave a closer look at the thriller flick which is topbilled by Elisse Joson, Arielle Roces, and Barbie Imperial. The film follows the undoing of three social media influencers as they fight for followers and for their lives. It will be available for streaming this October 25.

Now, let’s have a look at the moments from the trailer that caught our attention:

The glimpse on the lives of micro-influencers


It is pretty much common nowadays to see influencers on social media. “You Have Arrived” actually looks into the life of three childhood best friends turned micro-influencers. A large chunk of their lives appear to revolve around getting likes, views, and followers.

The Epik Party invite


Arianne, who is played by Elisse, gets an invite for a party for influencers. In the trailer, we see them visiting your not-so-usual party in a far-flung and deserted place.

The sudden turn of events


When Dani, who is portrayed by Barbie, uttered the line “Is this the part where we get killed?” we figured that their lives will probably be put in danger. The following sequences actually showed the struggle for them to escape the horror that they entered. Who wouldn’t be terrified to see girls running and shouting while covered in blood?

3. The gunshot


This scene is probably the shortest one from the video, but it also left us with the most questions, like: who got shot? And what did they do to deserve it?

Watch the full trailer here:

“You Have Arrived,” is directed by Shugo Praico. It was produced by ABS-CBN Films, Cinebro and Rein Entertainment.

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