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5 things we learned about Julia Barretto in her latest vlog!

Can you guess what Julia's top three projects are?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/2/2019 in News
5 things we learned about Julia Barretto in her latest vlog!

Her life might be an open book as an actress, but there's actually more to Julia Barretto that we did not know about.

On her latest vlog uploaded last September 28, the actress bared it all as she talked about her life and the beginnings of her vlog "Just Julia."

In the video, we learned some all-new facts about her, including these five things that made us admire her even more:

1. Simple things make her happy

Julia doesn't need lavish things in her life to be happy. Her family, staying at home, seeing other people, eating, dancing, band aids, wine, cheese, and kids, these are just some of the simple things in life that makes her smile.

2. She's obsessed with her family

We know how much Julia loves her family. They have always been her go-to people, her best friends, and her comfort. And as what she said on her vlog, she defines them as the only ones she will ever need in this lifetime. Aww! ❤



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3. She would've been a daycare owner if she weren't an actress

...or a preschool teacher or a student in a prestigious college abroad. Julia has been really vocal about her fondness of kids.

4. She has her bad days too (16:00)

Just like us, Julia doesn't feel beautiful all the time. She has her bad days too where she doesn't feel good about herself, and it's okay! Ika nga ni Julia, "we're all human."

5. "Love You To The Stars And Back," "Ngayon at Kailanman," and "Between Maybes" are her favorite projects

If she could choose among all the projects she has done, the three mentioned above would be her favorites. According to Julia, "Love You To The Stars And Back" will always have a special place in her heart since it's the project that really opened a lot of doors for her as an actress.



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Watch her full vlog here:

Julia most recently starred in the Black Sheep-produced film "Between Maybes."

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