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5 things we discovered during Toni’s one-on-one interview with Paul

Here’s a rundown of the things we’ve learned from Toni Gonzaga’s one-on-one interview with Paul Soriano!

Rhovin Maglaqui
Rhovin Maglaqui

10/18/2019 in News
5 things we discovered during Toni’s one-on-one interview with Paul

Toni Gonzaga just got the chance to interview her husband Paul Soriano in what seemed to be a once in a lifetime moment!

All of us are aware of how low-key Direk Paul is, and it was surprising to see him on the actress’ latest vlog, which was uploaded on YouTube yesterday, October 17. 

In the video, Toni asked her husband a lot of questions: from his fashion choices, the way he faces criticisms, the things that make him mad, and a lot whole more. Everything became much more serious when the conversation went towards their marriage and family life — and we loved every single second of this preview into their lives! 

Below, we’ve listed five things that we discovered from one of the best film directors in the industry that will surely surprise and give everyone kilig vibes!

1. Toni and Seve are the sources of Paul’s happiness

Family time makes Paul the happiest. He feels kilig whenever he sees them, and even considers their son as his biggest achievement. 

“Right now, in the stage of our relationship, our kilig has evolved into watching you taking care of our son. When you change his diaper when you know I don’t want to. When you brush his teeth and you already know I’m sleeping,” he shared.

2. Paul loves Toni so much that he wants her to stay the same

The film director revealed that he does not want to change anything abot his wife.

He explained, “Because I don’t want you to say later on that you regretted that change and then mag-aaway. So you kinda have to just love and accept people for who they are, and the change will just come naturally.”

3. He had to deal with intense public scrutiny and Toni’s parents during the early days of their relationship

He shared, “With your parents naman, at the end of the day, you just have to respect. You may not agree, so you agree to disagree. Ganoon lang. That's the choice. I mean, I wanted to be with their daughter, ganito mga rules nila, even if I don't agree.”

4. Seve changed his life. A lot. 

Having a child changed the way Direk Paul looked at life. 

“Oh, a hundred and eighty degrees. I just love the guy too much,” he pointed out.

5. Paul will never walk out of his marriage with Toni

There’s only one thing that will make Paul leave Toni. He revealed, “It’s when you walk out of (our marriage).”

To which the actress responded, “What if I don’t?”

He simply said, “Then I won’t.” 

Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard? ❤️

You can watch the entire vlog here to discover more about Paul and Toni:

Toni and Paul dated for nearly eight years before getting married in June 2015. The following year, they welcomed their firstborn son, Severiano Elliott. 

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