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PHOTOS: Meet Dani and Xavi's firstborn, Millie Panlilio!

Does Baby Millie look more like her mom or her dad? 💖

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 10/11/2019 in Photos

It's been a month since Dani Barretto and Xavi Panlilio's daughter Millie was born, and she has been nothing but a ray of sunshine in the Instagram world.

Born last September 13 as Camilla Marguerite or Millie for short, the couple's firstborn has been gracing our feeds with a regular dose of cuteness. And even as early as three-weeks-old, Millie is as photogenic as they come, flashing her sweet smile in her parents' photos. 

We gathered all of Baby Millie's photos in the gallery above so we can all bask in her cuteness. Swipe away!

Dani and Xavi got married back in August. The couple then announced that they were expecting their first child in June.

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