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'PBB OTSO:' It's an all-girls squad for the Big 4!

Who do you think will be named the Big Winner?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/7/2019 in News
'PBB OTSO:' It's an all-girls squad for the Big 4!

by Tania Escueta

After a series of drama, challenges, and bonding, "Pinoy Big Brother: OTSO" has come to its final four housemates. But did your favorite make it?

Last Saturday, January 5, two out of six housemates got evicted as they got the least amount of text votes. The four left have been introduced as the Big 4 who will then compete with one another through another voting system.

Kaori Oinuma and Jelay Pilones won the challenges given to them last week, securing their spots on the final four. Meanwhile, Seth Fedelin, Reign Parani, Lie Reposposa, and Karina Bautista all had to clash with one another through the text votes.

 Unfortunately, Seth and Reign culminated the least amount of text votes. Therefore, Lie and Karina landed on the final two spots.

So, who do you think among Kaori, Jelay, Lie, and Karina would be the Big Winner? Start voting now!

The voting results will be announced on Sunday, January 13.

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