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Morissette, nag-whistle note habang nakadapa?!

Morissette Amon, certified Whistle Queen!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/28/2019 in News
Morissette, nag-whistle note habang nakadapa?!

by Tania Escueta

Asia's Phoenix Morissette Amon has proved that she's on the same level as legendary singers!

Morissette was dared on "Gandang Gabi Vice" last January 27 to take on the "Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka Challenge," where she had to sing the song's whistle notes while in different positions.

First, she slayed it while sitting on a low stool. Then, she totally nailed it while laying flat on her stomach! And if that wasn't legendary enough, she even sang it with a mouth guard and still managed to hit the highest note like it was nothing! 

Watch how she did it here! 

We are all stanning!

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