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Markus Paterson, balik-trabaho na!

Markus Paterson, excited na ulit mag-bike?

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

1/23/2019 in News
Markus Paterson, balik-trabaho na!

Three months after getting into a motorcycle accident, Markus Paterson is ready to go back to the grind of showbiz.

“I’m working on my thigh and my kneecap because I broke my femur and my kneecap was shattered in the accident. Those are the main parts. I’m at 80% bending capacity now hoping to get to 90% para makapag-bike ulit ako," he said in a recent report by PUSH.

Grateful for his fast recovery, Markus is determined to finish his therapy sessions as soon as possible so he can focus on his upcoming projects.

The young actor also shared that he had to bow out of Mikhail Red's upcoming movie "Block Z" because of the injury, but will still be starring in another project helmed by the director.

"The stunts and the running (in 'Block Z') were too demanding for my leg and it would slow down the whole recovery process," he related.



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A post shared by Markus Paterson (@markus) on


Apart from his therapy sessions, the actor also does boxing to build his strength.



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"Good to be almost back," he wrote.

Tthe 20-year-old actor shared his learnings and realization from the accident as well.

"Emotionally, I was all over the place but I had a good circle of friends around me, I have my family with me. So they pulled me back up and that’s why one of my goals in 2019 is to work harder than ever to get back into this and enjoy it," he said.

He furthered, “If it’s too late na and you’re too tired just don’t ride motorcycles."



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Keep it up, Markus!

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