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Kisses Delavin, may na-realize habang sumayaw!

Wow! Kisses Delavin's dance skills have leveled up!

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

1/16/2019 in News
Kisses Delavin, may na-realize habang sumayaw!

In a video posted by Kisses Delavin on her Instagram today, January 16, the "Fantastica" star reunited with her good friend G-Force member Gelai Aguzar, and showed off how much she's improved her dancing skills.

But aside from slaying the dance floor, Kisses realized one of the most important things on getting the right moves.



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"So much respect for dancers. They have so much control and coordination on their body movements, like I didn't even know that could be possible? 😱 They deserve more recognition for all their blood, sweat, and tears and years of hard work! 💥 Meanwhile, here's me having fun," she wrote on the caption. Aww!



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Kisses plays Princess Ariella in the Vice Ganda-led comedy "Fantastica," Star Cinema's official entry to the recently-concluded 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival. It is showing on its fourth blockbuster week nationwide.



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