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5 underrated movie barkadas that you'll want to join

From the "Bloody" crew to the "Amnesia" boys club, here are 5 movie barkadas who need your attention

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

1/16/2019 in News
5 underrated movie barkadas that you'll want to join

If you've ever been part of a barkada then you know, ang saya talaga maging member. There have been hugely popular, super iconic squads in Philippine cinema (shoutout to "One More Chance's" Thursday barkada), but the five below are part of the small-ish group of underrated movie friend groups who desperately need our love and attention. 

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1. College to Forever BFFs from "She's The One" 

Cat (Bea Alonzo) and Wacky's (Dingdong Dantes) barkada have been tight since college and it shows: may group chat sila, 2013 pa. And like all of our friend groups, mahilig din sila mang-backstab doon sa group chat na 'yun especially when it's about girls who wear hot got drunk off of jello shots. You know jello shots? :D

2. Pa-killerzz Barkada of "Bloody Crayons"

So ayun, solid naman 'tong "Bloody Crayons" barkada until you know, nagsimula silang magpatayan. But murder aside (hala, ang problematic?), this group is basically all of our friend groups: aminin mo na, may Richalaine talaga sa inyo and if wala, ikaw si Richalaine. 

3. The Amigas from "Etiquette for Mistresses"

Nothing deserves more love than a group of amigas who will support you through anything, even through your morally gray decisions. The "Mistresses" of this movie deserve all the love, because they showed just how solid and overall positive a good girl group could be in a woman's life. Especially 'pag na-pulis ka kasi namato ka ng phone. Besh. 

4. "My Amnesia Girl"

And hey, hindi lang naman girl groups ang astig, even boy squads are too. The four-member group of "My Amnesia Girl" led by the very handsome John Lloyd Cruz is the quintessential Filipino boy barkada: andiyan sila para guluhin ka about everything, andiyan sila 'pag kailangan mo ng kainuman, at nandiyan sila kahit iniwan mo 'yung dream girl mo sa altar kasi nawalan ka ng lakas ng loob. 

5. The Kalokohan to Katinuan Squad from "Always Be My Maybe"

Speaking of boy squads: has there ever been a more good-looking barkada as Gerald Anderson's crew in "Always Be My Maybe"? Members included Matt Evans, Carlo Aquino, Ahron Villena, and Pepe Herrera. Sarap maki-join eh, ano? But their real charm is that they're all a bunch of playboys who found new lives as husbands and dads. For some reason, that makes them even yummier.

Who is your favorite big-screen barkada? Tell us in the comments section down below!

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