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42 and a total babe: Piolo Pascual’s hottest movie characters!

Papa P turns 42 today! 😍

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

1/12/2019 in News
42 and a total babe: Piolo Pascual’s hottest movie characters!

Piolo Pascual is a man of many talents. Among them, making us fall in love with nothing more than a smile, and you know, aging backwards. The ultimate heartthrob turns 42 today (yes teh, 42 na si Papa P, hindi halata ano?), January 12, and to celebrate his birthday, we’re looking back on 3 of his hottest big-screen characters — men we’ve loved and continue to love, men who only grow more iconic as the years pass by, not unlike the actor who brought them to life.

Gino Avila from “The Breakup Playlist”

Piolo showed us his bad boy side in Gino, a character who is the definition of an imperfect man. Playing a musician opposite Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo in a very “A Star is Born”-esque story, Piolo gave a very real and textured performance of a man whose ego is ruining everything good in his life. And of course, we couldn’t get enough.

Marco Villanueva in “Starting Over Again”

Papa P basically served us with two characters in “Starting Over Again” — first, there was younger Marco, still blessed with naïveté and kindness, hindi pa nababahiran ng dumi ng buhay. And then, there’s older Marco, who is more cynical, harder to please, superglued together by his Filipino fusion recipes after a particularly tough break-up.

Migo from “Love Me Again”

Playing a cowboy alongside Angel Locsin in this 2008 drama was the best thing Piolo has ever done for us. At times rugged and rough, and others gentle and sweet, Migo was and continues to be everything we could ever want in a man, and his movie immortality is still a blessing. Who doesn’t love re-visiting this movie and watching Papa P ride a horse with his hair flowing in the wind? Jusko. Iconic.

Happy birthday, Piolo!

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