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Nathalie Hart's 'baliw na baliw for love' moments in 'Sin Island'

Before "You's" Joe (Penn Badgley) made us all afraid to fall in love, there was "Sin Island's" Tasha (Nathalie Hart)

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

1/11/2019 in News
Nathalie Hart's 'baliw na baliw for love' moments in 'Sin Island'

As the world falls into a deep obsession with the American thriller series "You" starring Penn Badgley as the frighteningly normal-seeming sociopathic stalker Joe Goldberg, let's look back on one of the most beloved psychos of Philippine cinema: Tasha, one of the main characters in "Sin Island", played to absolute crazy perfection by Nathalie Hart. 

"Sin Island" is peppered with Tasha's crazy antics, and we have listed them all down here, para alam mo na 'yung signs 'pag nangyayari na 'to sa'yo. (Sana hindi pa rin, though.)

1. The Panty Incident

Oh, 'di ba? Kaya mo 'yan?

2. The "Sige Friends Lang Tayo, Pero Kung Alam Mo Lang" scene

This is the absolute worst way to be friendzoned ever, just ask David (Xian Lim), who thought that he had wrapped up his little island flirtation, and still had to endure a bunch of craziness after this hug. 

3. The Stalking

Yes, Tasha did pull the most extra Joe Goldberg moves in "Sin Island". She spent her free time sitting in her car watching David and Kanika's (Coleen Garcia) house, as well as harvesting details of their very married life on Instagram and invading a yoga class. A yoga class! The disrespect. 

The stalking did give birth to one of the most iconic "subtle lang" catfight: kabugan sa sauna ba ang hanap mo? Here you go:

4. The Fake Abuse Acting-an

This manipulative barbie injured herself just to fake that her husband (Bernard Palanca) had been abusing her, effectively getting David to stay and take care of her. As soon as he fell asleep, she tried to jump him and make a sex tape. Ay, juskolord. 

5. The Actual and Attempted Murders

Not only did Tasha kill her husband with his own tattoo gun while he was strapped on a chair in his own tattoo shop, she also went full home invasion on David and Kanika. Armed with a gun, a knife, and crazy eyes, she held Kanika hostage, nearly stabbed her to death, and shot at someone.

Some would say that this is the climax of her psychosis, and it ended with her death. 

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