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Pardon Day: 3 irresistible 'sorry' scenes of Daniel with Kathryn

Matitiis mo ba kung ganito ang nag-sorry sa’yo?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

9/8/2018 in News
Pardon Day: 3 irresistible 'sorry' scenes of Daniel with Kathryn

Asking for forgiveness is one of the hardest and most nerve-wracking things we have to do in our lives - it takes courage and humility to admit you’re wrong, especially if you hurt someone you dearly love.

Daniel Padilla has had numerous moments in the big screen where he had to say sorry to perennial leading lady Kathryn Bernardo, and each one of them tugs at our heartstrings - everything about him, from his eyes to his hands, just turn soft with remorse.

So for Pardon Day today, September 8, we listed down three of Daniel’s “sorry” moments in movies.

1. When he still couldn’t move on from Celine in “Barcelona”

Daniel’s character Ely was especially vulnerable in the movie, as he was still recovering from the death of his girlfriend Celine. Even when Mia came into his life and offered him a chance to love again, his ties to Celine were too strong and he couldn’t give the love Mia deserved just yet.

It’s a good thing he apologized (and decided to move on), as he and Mia eventually found their way back to each other. Sabi nga ni Ely, “Mahal kita, dahil mahal kita. ‘Yun na ‘yun!”

2. When he lied about Alpen Rose (Joross Gamboa) in “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

Dos decided to keep Alpen Rose’s identity secret so he and Gab could stay married a bit longer. When he was found out, he was completely ready to give Gab to Jason (Matteo Guidicelli). Of course, the apology was what made our leading lady realize that she was totally in love with Dos all along! 💙💙💙

3. When he tried to win back George in “The Hows of Us”

We wouldn’t tell you what happened in this apology scene, but just know that this is one of the finest scenes in cinematic history. The acting, the PAIN, and the rain all combined to make this apology scene the absolute best. Go watch “The Hows of Us” to see what we’re talking about!

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