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BALIKAN: What brought Kathryn, Daniel, and Inang closer to each other?

How did Direk Olive motivate Kathryn and Daniel on the set of "Barcelona?"

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

9/8/2018 in News
BALIKAN: What brought Kathryn, Daniel, and Inang closer to each other?

One of the most respected and well-known directors in Philippine cinema is Olivia M. Lamasan. She's known for creating blockbuster films that  touched the lives of millions of Filipinos, nurturing artists to improve on their craft and sharing her knowledge to co-directors.

But she is not just that. She's also known as a meticulous director. Work is work. Everybody in her production, even the artists, should always act as professionals. No wonder working with her is considered a career milestone for all of her actors.

Last Tuesday, September 6, during a media conference, Direk Olive shared some instances where she had to motivate her newest "babies" Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, the lead stars of her upcoming masterpiece "Barcelona: A Love Untold."

There was one time, parang pagod na rin kasi 'yung mga bata tapos parang critical scene, tapos parang hindi nila ma-memorize," Inang said.

Yung mga reaction na malalaki na required, kahit ako ‘pag nadi-direk sa TV, nire-require ko. 'Give me a big reaction.' 'Yung parang may rebelasyon na magaganap," she explained. "But you’re talking about the big screen. The more subtle the physical reaction would be, the better. And that’s one very bad habit from TV to film."

Another thing Inang observed is, "‘Yun ang hilig mag-adlib. Siyempre, writers kami. (When) you change the preposition, you change the meaning, you change the context."

There was one time, naghahabol na kami. So, summer ang haba nung day effect pero 9:30 na kailangan kong matapos 'yung eksena, so siguro sobrang pagod na and the sequence before that sobrang masaya, nahirapan na sila mag-memorize. Eh sa akin walang rason. ‘Pag artista ka, walang rason na masaya ka, o pagod ka, i-deliver mo kasi artista ka."

Direk Olive then shared what happened after that incident.

Pinigilan ko nga sarili ko eh. Pagkatapos nun sabi ko “Cut!” Nagsalita lang ako nang konting-konti tapos nag-walk away ako. Eh ‘yung radyo ko nakabukas, yung assistant director ko na si Giselle (Andres), tinatawag ako para bumalik. 'Direk, we need you to check this frame.' Sabi ko, 'Naku, baka ‘di ko mapigilan ‘yung sarili ko.'"

So what happened next?

Pagbalik ko, nakita ko silang dalawa (Kath and DJ). Sabi ko, 'Halika kayo dito.' ‘Yan na, bonggang-bongga ko silang nasermonan," Inang said.

How did the two react?

n fairness to the two, they took it in. And after that, never complained, never a time that they complained on my set, never a time that they were not able to memorize," Direk Olive proudly shared.

Inang Olive relayed that these incidents glued them closer to each other.

After that, dun kami nag-chill. Every sequence that we would shoot, there’s going to be a discussion. They’re very much interested to discuss kung anong mangyayari sa character, anong gagawin ng character, bakit sasabihin ng character ‘yung sasabihin niya."

Inang ended her statement with a smile on her face.

Grabe ‘yung naging commitment. Minsan, 'di ba may ganun? Something bad happens in order to give birth to something greater."

(This article was originally published September 10, 2016)

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