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Kathryn & Daniel Week: Tracing feelings from 2011 to 2018

For Kathryn and Daniel, every year gets more kilig than the last, and we’ve got the proof!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/4/2018 in News
Kathryn & Daniel Week: Tracing feelings from 2011 to 2018

By Rowena Joy Sanchez, Chandral Selim, Regina Tabora 

It’s been seven years of love for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Today, September 4, as we celebrate their anniversary as a love team, we look back on their long journey together both on-screen and as a real-life couple. Tracing their relationship from 2011 up to this year, we pick out stand-out moments of love that clued us in on the force of nature that are Kathryn and Daniel. The love, the kilig, the evidence, it’s all here.


Why this kilig moment wins: Kathryn and Daniel’s love team was fresh out the kitchen back in 2011. In the video above, we see their nene and totoy 15 to 16-year-old selves in action at their first ever “Gandang Gabi Vice”  interview together. Ang cute-cute lang! Wallpaper ng phone ni Daniel si Kathryn, crush-crush lang ang labanan. Everything between the then just on-screen couple was fluffy and innocent. Looking back at all this adorableness, it’s no wonder the country fell in love with these two.


Why this kilig moment wins: This year not only marked the release of Kathryn and Daniel’s first movie "24/7 in Love" but also of their love team's mania. In an interview in the now-defunct “Showbiz Inside Report”, she told host Carmina Villaroel that it was impossible not to feel kilig whenever they do romantic scenes together. 


Siyempre dahil assumera kami, we think this is the year Kathryn first caught feelings. We’ll never know for sure, but if you want to see the love in her eyes for yourselves, just look at the GIFs above!


Why this kilig moment wins: “Must Be...Love” was the first film topbilled by Kathryn and Daniel, and it was during the movie’s promotional period that we first got the teasing indirect answers that would define every single inquiry into this pair’s personal life. Knowing what we know now (“more than five years na”, anyone?), Daniel’s response to a “kamusta na love life?” question during the “Must Be...Love” Press Conference back in 2013 really takes on a different light.


He told members of the press, “Mukhang masaya naman po si Kathryn ngayon, 'tsaka masaya naman po ako, at masaya kaming ginagawa 'tong palabas. Ine-enjoy lang po namin ngayon, wala munang boyfriend-girlfriend. Okay na po 'yung nagkakaintindihan kaming dalawa."

Asuuuuuus! Lakas maka-MU! <3 


Why this kilig moment wins: Looking back at this interview, you could just tell they were already boyfriend and girlfriend - they were sharing those secret smiles as they said they admitted having a “mutual understanding…” MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING NA GAWING SECRET ANG RELATIONSHIP MORE LIKE!


Also, both of them were at the right age to make things more serious between them - Kath was 18 and DJ was 19 - nandun na ‘yung maturity needed to officially be a couple!


Why this kilig moment wins: “What you see is what you get” was the main theme that year for Kathryn and Daniel. They started showing their affection for each other more freely, but still expertly dodged all the questions pertaining to their relationship status. They just let their actions do the talking, and they were so LOUD that we didn’t really need confirmation. Those small gestures told us everything we had to know about where they stand in each other’s lives.


Binigay na nila sa’tin lahat ng clues, eh! Makulit pa tayong tanong nang tanong!


Why this kilig moment wins: You wouldn't even talk about not separating ever if you're not together in the first place, right? This line "hindi naman kami maghihiwalay," which Daniel blurted out during our exclusive interview for the 3rd Star Cinema Online Awards (#SCA3), is a true winner, a pure declaration not only of love, but of a deep commitment to stick to each other no matter what. 



It's a prelude to their 2018 admission, and if you think about it, a possible prelude to their future wedding vows. Nakakadagundong ng puso!




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Why this kilig moment wins: It’s so obvious that they’ve placed their trust and assurance to each other all 2017-long. They can anticipate what the other needs before their partner even asks for it, and this is most evident at the Star Magic Ball. Apart from showing how much of a gentleman he is, Daniel knew that Kathryn would want to look picture-perfect for all the cameras - and he wants to help make that happen.


They’ve memorized each other like the back of their hands, and that alone makes them so at peace with each other.


Why this kilig moment wins: Seven years later, here we are, jumping up and down over all the wedding talks. Any Kathryn and Daniel stan would’ve dreamed about seeing these two in their very own wedding. We might even have our own dream wedding for them! Kathryn looking like the most beautiful bride ever and Daniel fulfilling all of our groom dreams.  


We’re already prepared to bawl over their wedding vows, with tears on cue from their very first breath before the very first word. We’re ready to quote our favorite parts. We’ll enumerate all the kilig moments that would make us keep believing in the power of love. This wedding will be everything, The Dream come true, The Beginning of a lifetime.  

Happy seventh anniversary, Kathryn and Daniel! To more years of love, success, and as you two would always say, “a chill and balanced life.”

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