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Carlo Aquino is now 33, and we still can't get enough of him

7 precious throwback photos of Carlo in films!

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño
- 9/3/2018 in Photos

We envy those who got stared by his eyes. Those impressive eyes that tell tales. Without a doubt, women from all ages admire Carlo Aquino over how great of a man he became since his first film as a child star in the late 90s. 

And as he celebrates his 33rd birthday today, September 3, we declare that Carlo was and will always be one of the ultimate showbiz eye candies and most favorite talented actors in the local scene.

Carlo bagged the FAMAS Best Child Actor award, the PMPC Child Performer of the Year, and was nominated for the Gawad Urian Best Supporting Actor award for "Bata, Bata...Paano Ka Ginawa" acting side by side with the Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos. 

Catch him this month in Black Sheep's first offering "Exes Baggage" together with former flame Angelica Panganiban.

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