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Kathryn and Daniel Week: They continuously define ‘perfect timing’

The stars have aligned to give us Kathryn and Daniel!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/3/2018 in News
Kathryn and Daniel Week: They continuously define ‘perfect timing’

By Chandral Selim and Regina Tabora

If there’s any love team we’ve been with for every step of the way, its Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The first time we saw them on the big screen, they were still in their tween years in 2012’s “24/7 in Love”. We’ve watched them through every movie since, every off-screen kilig, every up and every down, and as they enter this fresh phase in their life with new projects ahead, we reflect on the journey they’ve taken since their early days to their “Hows” now. 

Here’s proof that for Kathryn and Daniel, everything happened in its perfect time, and how every decision brought them to their current status:


The premiere love team’s first on-screen kiss in “Barcelona: A Love Untold” was a momentous occasion that marked their growth not just as a pair, but also as serious actors. In many ways, they said goodbye to their childhood days with this project - no more pa-cute and “paasa” kisses.

The stars aligned perfectly so they can give us those few seconds (which felt like eternity!) of ultimate kilig bliss: it was their very first movie under the legendary director Inang Olive Lamasan, and it was also their first time to do a movie overseas. “Barcelona” also marked their fifth anniversary film as a love team. Of course, it helped that they were also at the right age: The actress was 20 at the time, while Daniel was 100% legal at 21 years old.

The couple also shared that the kiss is a very special gift for their fans - who’ve tirelessly waited for that special moment for five years.

“Ito ‘yung maibabalik namin… ‘yung way para maipakita ang pasasalamat namin sa suporta,” Daniel said at the film’s Media Day two years ago.

It sounds so long ago, but it definitely feels like yesterday for all of us!


After years and years and years of indirect answers, Kathryn and Daniel finally admitted that they are, in fact, in a relationship and have been for more than five years. They made the revelation at “The Hows of Us” Grand Media Day last month. According to the on-and-off-screen couple, they’ve gotten tired of “hiding” their love from the press and their fans, and have chosen instead to be loud and proud about their relationship. 

“Basta more than five years na,” Daniel explained. 

The revelation came at a perfect time. Kathryn and Daniel were releasing their most mature project to date, the eventual blockbuster hit “The Hows of Us”, and they were so comfortable with each other at that point that their admission came naturally.


Kathryn and Daniel are a powerhouse couple if the world has ever seen one, but they’re no package deal - they’re better together, but they can also shine all by themselves.

And after the release of “The Hows of Us” aka their most mature film ever, it’s the perfect time for them to go their separate ways… for now. Kathryn will star in “Three Words to Forever” alongside Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez, while Daniel will be focusing on his upcoming concert this October. Prior, he did the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 film "The Revenger Squad" with Vice Ganda and Pia Wurtzbach - where his ladylove did a cameo.

The couple agreed that it’s a good experience for them to fly solo, even for a short while.

“Ito ‘yung chance as individuals mag-try kami ng project, mag-experiment… Ito ‘yung chance to grow even more as actors,” Daniel said.

Of course, it’s also inevitable for them to feel down - they've been constantly working together for seven years after all.

“Nakakakaba… kasi hindi ko na alam ‘yung feeling ‘pag wala si DJ, ‘yung wala sa tent, ‘pag mainit ‘yung ulo ko walang magko-comfort… mix of emotions pero excited din,” Kathryn said.

We’re sure they’ll be nothing short of amazing with their solo projects, and that they’ll eventually find their way back to each other, as they always do!

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