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5 Star Cinema movie recommendations for the K-Drama fan

There’s a Star Cinema movie that’s perfect for your fangirl heart!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

9/26/2018 in News
5 Star Cinema movie recommendations for the K-Drama fan

There’s a very specific happy feeling that comes with finishing a K-Drama: you feel elated because of the characters’ happy ending (almost as if you lived their love story yourself), and you find yourself looking for more pampa-good vibes and kilig shows to ride that euphoric wave.

If you’ve got that feeling right now, then we have good news for you! We have a handful of Star Cinema movie recommendations that could help you plow through your K-Drama hangover. With a mix of beloved classics and new releases, this list could also help you remember just how kilig Filipino films could also be!

Happy bingeing!

1. If you loved “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo,” you’ll enjoy “My Big Love”

Sports-centered movies and series are a bit uncommon both in the Philippines and in South Korea, so this hits the spot for all you athletic junkies out there! While their love stories are pretty different, they’ve got that same kilig vibe, and they’ll inspire you to get fit and hit the gym!

2. Obsessed with “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”? You have to watch “A Very Special Love”!

We actually wrote about how similar Mr. Lee (Park Seo Joon) and Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) are (https://starcinema.abs-cbn.com/2018/9/21/news/miggy-montenegro-john-lloyd-vs-lee-young-joon-p-43702), so you absolutely have to watch both for maximum kilig! They’ve both got powerful leading men that could sweep you off your feet with a single look!

3. Remember “Emergency Couple”? It’s the perfect companion for “One More Chance”!

Okay, “Emergency Couple” is more rom-com while “One More Chance” leans on drama, but they both featured two people who rediscovered their love for one another after taking a long break. It’s always sweet to see how feelings grow back after being away from each other.

4. If the “Reply” series are your personal favorites, check out “Gimik: The Reunion” and “Trip”!

Romance doesn’t have to be the end-all and be-all of the things that we watch. Sometimes, it’s the friendships we see on-screen that touch us, and both “Gimik” and “Trip” definitely capture the essence of having people who’ll stand by you, no matter what.

5. Still can’t get over “Coffee Prince”? “I Love You, Hater” is a must-watch!

There’s a plethora of gender-bender series from South Korea, but “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” definitely paved the way for them (alos, this is Gong Yoo’s breakout role!!!). While Yoon Eun Hye pretended to be a man in the series, it was Joshua Garcia who pretended to be gay (read: super girly) in “I Love You, Hater.” Both are just heart-warming stories that prove there are no boundaries when it comes to love.

Got any more ideas for our movie recommendations? Drop us a comment, message, or tweet!

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