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Angelica Panganiban's most ka-emote-emote hugot lines in 20 photos

"Ako'y patawarin mo. Nararamdaman ko ay ubos na..." 😢

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño
- 9/25/2018 in Photos

We all have those moments where our hearts have a minds of their own, and we become not our usual selves, for we willingly let our guards down by showing vulnerability.

Even so, this phase was and will never be a sign of weakness - it’s the exact opposite. No one knows this better than "Exes Baggage" star Angelica Panganiban -  one of social media’s Hugot Queens -  who often shares her sentiments through beautifully crafted Instagram Stories.

For the past years, Angelica has been vocal in sharing her love problems, she serves as an inspiration for those who share the same situation as her - sometimes the bravest thing to do is just let those feelings out.

Meanwhile, catch Angelica with Carlo Aquino in Dan Villegas' "Exes Baggage", the premiere offering of Black Sheep, a new film outfit from ABS-CBN Films.

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