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Compatible ka ba with these Libra Star Cinema characters?

Libras unite! Which of these characters do you relate to the most?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

9/23/2018 in News
Compatible ka ba with these Libra Star Cinema characters?

As we bid farewell to Virgo season, we welcome the people-loving energy courtesy of one of the most well-loved and well-represented zodiac signs out there, the Libras.

Libra season officially begins today, September 23, and we've put together five Star Cinema characters who display distinctly Libra qualities: kind, romantic, refined, loyal, and peace-loving.

(Disclaimer: None of these characters are actually Libras. The starcinema.com.ph editorial team deliberated who would make this list.)

1. Eunice from "Bloody Crayons"

Played by Janella Salvador, Eunice is fiercely loyal to her friends (a quality that bit her ass in the end) and displayed the intensely Libra quality of being unable to be alone. She also tried to keep the peace as chaos erupted between her friends and tried to keep the confrontations to a minimum.

2. Jake from "Always Be My Maybe"

One of the most endearing babaeros to grace the big screen, Jake is the quintessential Libra man.

Played by Gerald Anderson, Jake is always the life of the party, is the hottest man you'll ever get to date, and is always in love, occasionally with women, but most of the time, with himself. 

3. Audrey from "Everyday I Love You"

Beautiful, authentic, and endlessly positive, Audrey possesses a Libra's love for adventure and playfulness. She's never one to overdo it though and always has her feet planted firmly on the ground. Family and love help keep her balanced, and so she puts them in a special place in her life.

4. Jayzel from "Loving in Tandem"

Played by Kisses Delavin, Jayzel is the friend you love more than anyone else because she balances being a big ball of fluff and being incredibly stubborn all at the same time. She's naturally cool and easy on the eyes too, perhaps that's why she's an aspiring beauty queen.

5. CJ from "Four Sisters and a Wedding"

The second man in this list is the only boy of the Salazar family. CJ, played by Enchong Dee, displays the distinctly Libra quality of being a serial monogamist. Hopping from one engagement to the next, CJ is a true romantic who thrives when he is in a great partnership.

Which Star Cinema Libra character is your spirit animal? Sound off in the comments section down below!

Happy Libra season, guys! <3 

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