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LOOK: KathNiel, JoshLia, Maris, Darren + more wish you peace!

Remember: Peace comes from the heart!

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño
- 9/21/2018 in Photos

These days, countless factors may affect the process towards finding peace: peer pressure, social media, harmful stereotypes, lack of confidence, hopelessness, and more. And every time we see our own reflection, we question ourselves: "Are you happy?" "Do you like what you're seeing?" "Can you make peace with yourself?"

And on International Day of Peace today, September 21, let us remember that true harmony comes from ourselves alone. It is the kind of reward that we can't get from other people, from our friends, or significant others. YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO YOURSELF.

But don't forget that it doesn't come instantly. It'll be a long journey, and it'll need time, patience, and maturity. A complete change of attitude and a brighter perspective in life must also come along with it. Are you up for the challenge?

Have the courage, share a smile, and may peace be with you, ka-Fam! ✌️

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