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Wanna be a director? Paul, Lav share 10 filmmaking tips

Learn from two of cinema's best, Lav Diaz and Paul Soriano.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/20/2018 in News
Wanna be a director? Paul, Lav share 10 filmmaking tips

Do you see yourself making a career out of doing films?

Find a rich dose of inspiration only from the masters. Here are 10 pieces of advice from celebrated directors Lav Diaz and Paul Soriano, who directed and produced, respectively, the award-winning film "Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis."

1. Kapag nag-edit ka na, you’re just a joggler lang naman eh. You look for the rhythm, ‘yung takbo ng kwento." - Lav Diaz need to take risks, I need to push the boundaries, ayokong ikahon ang sarili ko, Napakabata pa ng cinema, I’m still trying to fathom the mystery of this medium." - Lav Diaz

3. "It’s (cinema) a great art. It’s the most powerful medium now. Napakagandang gamitin to educate our people so kailangang gamitin natin." - Lav Diaz

4. "Cinema addict ko, I watch everything. Nagiging bahagi siya ng kultura mo as a viewer and 'pag nagdidirek ka na, lumalabas nalang ‘yan." - Lav Diaz

5. "The past becomes the present. The future becomes the present. ‘Yun ang magic ng cinema." - Lav Diaz

6. "In every film that I direct and produce, I have to be engaged with it. The story has to be really compelling enough for me to invest months, years of my time to tell it and to hopefully be able to tell a message in my films. [This is] one of the reasons why I produced 'Hele.'" - Paul Soriano

7. "The Filipino artists are the most talented persons in the world and I always say because we have such hardworking crews, given the challenges in the situations, we are still able to pull through." - Paul Soriano

8. "I believe in the Filipino. I believe that the Filipinos will support their own [and] will finally get introduced in the cinema of Lav Diaz." - Paul Soriano

9. "As a student of film, as a very young filmmaker myself, I was always encouraged to learn from those who have come before me who paved the way for Philippine cinema." - Paul Soriano

10. "As a producer you have to be really on your toes always. You have to expect the unexpected." - Paul Soriano

Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis (A Lullaby To The Sorrowful Mystery)" revolves around the desperate and harrowing 30-day search of Andres Bonifacio’s widow, Gregoria de Jesus, to find his lost body in the mountains. Despite being sick, hungry, angry, lonely, and nearly mad, she searches for the truth behind her husband’s death.

It stars two of the most prominent actors in the Philippines, John Lloyd Cruz and Piolo Piolo, who play as Isagani and Simoun, respectively.

Other cast members include Angel Aquino, Cherie Gil, Alessandra de Rossi, Susan Africa, Bernardo Bernardo, Joel Saracho, Ely Buendia, and Hazel Orencio.

The film won the Alfred Bauer Prize at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival, also known as Berlinale.

(This article was originally published March 17, 2016.)

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