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MarNigo Monday: Two Virgos are better than one!

Maris and Inigo are passionate, perfectionist Virgo partners!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

9/17/2018 in News
MarNigo Monday: Two Virgos are better than one!

Today, we celebrate the merging of two great creative Virgos: Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual.

For all you astrology nerds out there (hola!), you know how rare it is for two people of the same zodiac sign to come together and be romantically involved. According to Bustle, only Tauruses, Leos, and Libras achieve a certain level of balance when dating someone of the same sign but today, we're going to prove(ish) that a Virgo-Virgo pair like Maris and Inigo are actually 10/10.

We spoke to the two September babies (one of whom is hardcore into astrology. If you correctly guess which one it is by the end of this feature, you're a true fan) about their twin star signs as we try to uncover just how much they relate to three of the most popular Virgo traits, and just how compatible they are together.

1. Perfectionism

Virgos are notorious perfectionists, and this is one of the first things both Maris and Inigo mentioned about themselves.

Inigo revealed, "Perfectionist, yes, napansin namin. Ako, sobrang perfectionist ko sa mga bagay. Pati si Maris, if I write [a song or] something and I send it to her, she'd literally change the whole thing. But I do the same exact thing, and that's the fun part because we get to share ideas with each other."

2. Attentive to detail

Maris adds another layer to a Virgo's intense and admirable attention to detail: overthinking.

Ang Virgo, tahimik pero ma-detalye," the actress-performer and true astrology fan explained, "They're hard on themselves and mahinhin daw."

3. Sharp mindedness

Virgos are incredibly in touch with their minds, and MarNigo agrees.

Virgos are passionate, they're lovable people. Super caring, passionate about their craft. They care about themselves in a good way. Negative side siguro, is they take things too hard, too much. But I try to make it a good thing," Papapeh said.  

To which Mamameh wholeheartedly agreed, saying, "Yes! Sa Virgo, ang pinakakalaban nila ang mind nila and they tend to stay in their heads kaya point of view lang nila 'yung nakikita nila, 'yun ang mahirap."

Inigo celebrated his 21st birthday last September 14, and Maris will celebrate hers this September 22. Happy birthday month, MarNigo! <3

MarNigo will star in the upcoming romantic comedy "I'm Ellenya L" which tells the story of an aspiring social media influencer.

Maris previously appeared in the 2016 hit "Vince and Kath and James" led by Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, whom she will reunite with for the upcoming Mikhail Red zombie movie "Block Z". She was also part of the 2017 horror-thriller "Bloody Crayons." Inigo, on the other hand, played Daniel Padilla's brother in the 2015 romantic comedy "Crazy Beautiful You".

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