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Here are 14 TOP-SECRET FACTS about John Lloyd and Bea from 'The Mistress'

Before John Lloyd, two other leading men were tapped for the role of Eric - Can you guess who?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

9/14/2018 in News
Here are 14 TOP-SECRET FACTS about John Lloyd and Bea from 'The Mistress'

This month, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo's 2012 film "The Mistress" celebrates its sixth anniversary. While it has achieved classic status, there's still so much left to uncover from this Olivia Lamasan masterpiece.

If you're a big fan of this JLC-Bea hit, then today is your lucky day! Below are 14 of the biggest secrets from this film, so if you want to achieve expert level on "The Mistress" trivia (for unexpected drinking games or conversations about what's happening to John Lloyd's life right now), check it out!

1.  Initial choice Sam Milby went to the US to audition for TV roles and was unavailable to do the movie. Derek Ramsay took on the role but after several days of filming, had to leave the project when he transferred to another network. John Lloyd Cruz expressed interest in taking on the role and asked Star Cinema management if he could read the script.

2.  At the end of his very first reading of the script, John Lloyd was moved to tears by the screenplay. He agreed to do the movie right away, even if he expressed doubts about his inability to play a role he considered “sexy.” Direk Olive and writer Vanessa Valdez immediately assured him that he could pull it off. They told him that his competence as an actor and his sense of mystery would make his portrayal of JD Torres “sexy.”

3. To help John Lloyd get into the role, Direk Olive suggested he change his walk. John Lloyd was asked to wear boots for most of the movie to change his posture and gait to be more JD-like.

4. To prepare for the role of Sari, a suit maker, Bea Alonzo received guidance from two master cutters who both had almost 50 years of experience as tailors. Bea immersed in tailoring shops and learned how to take measurements and make suit patterns.

5. John Lloyd and Bea are so famous that they literally stopped traffic! Their first day of shooting in the tailoring shop set, traffic along the Eastwood came to a crawl as drivers stopped to watch and take photos of the scene where Sari and JD talked as she ate ice scramble. The noise from vehicles and screaming commuters was too loud that the original sound of the scene dialogue was unusable during post-production.

6. Hundreds of locals from Gonzaga, Cagayan came to watch John Lloyd and Bea film a short scene on Baua Bridge. The crowd got so huge that the usually empty road leading up to the bridge (and under it) was suddenly filled with vehicles and pedestrians. The people of Cagayan however, were cooperative and hospitable, even offering their homes and stores as rest areas for the cast, staff, and crew.

7. The most controversial part of the trailer is Bea Alonzo’s kiss with Ronaldo Valdez. The actress received praise for her daringness to do the scene with the respected and much older actor.

8. A kissing scene between Sari and JD in the dressing room of the tailoring shop was shot just for the trailer.

9. JD's declaration of love for Sari during the drive to Tuguegarao was taken from the film's reshoots as it was originally shot in a cave as per Direk Olive's vision during filming. However, the post-production team realized that that profession of love needed to be done at the beginning of the half-a-day drive, the original placement of the scene in the script.

10. The emotionally-charged measurement scene in the dressing room of the tailoring shop took almost an entire week to shoot.

11. This is the second time John Lloyd played a character named Eric (JD’s real nickname). The first time is in the “About Anna” episode of the 2006 movie “All About Love” in which he also co-starred with Bea Alonzo.

12. The scene where JD and Sari tearfully bid each other goodbye was done all in one take – that’s how good Lloydy and Bea are as individual actors and as a tandem.

13. Though it is never heard in the movie, the final suit that JD wears in the ending montage is the suit Sari made for him.

14. In the final montage, JD is shown looking at his laptop which shows the date October 17, 2013. October 17 is the birthday of both Queen B and Inang.


More trivia from "The Mistress" is coming your way very soon!

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