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Kathryn co-wrote the now-iconic 'THOU' breakup scene + more trivia from Direk Cathy

Here are more “THOU” fun facts from Direk Cathy!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

9/14/2018 in News
Kathryn co-wrote the now-iconic 'THOU' breakup scene + more trivia from Direk Cathy

“The Hows of Us” really is a modern masterpiece that director Cathy Garcia-Molina put together with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, not just because every little scene was meticulously directed and wonderfully acted, but because of all the hidden messages carefully placed all throughout the movie.

Direk Cathy shared a little trivia about some of the scenes from the movie during her Star Cinema Chat today, September 14, and all her revelations just make us want to watch the movie again (and again, and again, and again)!

Here’s what we discovered:

(WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead)

1. Kathryn co-wrote the breakup scene

Direk Cathy shared that she put off shooting the breakup scene about five times because she felt something was missing. It was only when she asked the actress to list all the things she’s tired of that they finally did the scene.

It was all worth the wait as George’s “Pagod na pagod na pagod na ako!” outburst never fails to bring us to tears.

2. George’s birthday cakes all came from her officemates

Primo promised George that he would give her a cake for every special occasion, but that sadly never happened. Direk Cathy shared that the different kinds of cake all came from her officemates earlier that day.

“That’s the irony… sa labas mas marami ka pang nakukuha na gifts, samantalang ‘yung sarili mong boyfriend, who promised to give you a cake every occasion of your life, parang walang naibigay kahit isa,” she said.

3. The jeepney scene challenged Kathryn the most

The blockbuster director related that Kathryn’s eyes were the only part of her face she could move during the emotional scenes - no other facial expressions were allowed! So when the actress had a difficult time getting in the zone for the jeepney scene, Direk Cathy brought out the big guns (read: “tinapak-tapakan ko na siya nun”) just so Kathryn could deliver.

“Hindi ko rin pinalapit si Daniel… kasi ‘pag lumapit siya, nagkakaroon ng kakampi, so pina-isolate ko muna,” she said. “Mas mahihirapan lang kasi kaming dalawa ‘pag paulit-ulit ko siya kailangan i-motivate.”

And that really worked because Kathryn got the shot in ONE TAKE!!!! We stan a talented queen!


All of George’s things had tulip designs, while Primo was wearing the same shirt when they were dreaming about their future in the sofa scene, as well as in their breakup scene. (Oh, the irony!)

Also, the bubbles during Primo’s shower scene were all heart-shaped!

Watch Direk Cathy talk about them here:

Meanwhile, here's our full Star Cinema Chat with the one and only Direk Cathy!

Now, go forth and rewatch “The Hows of Us”! 💙

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