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THROWBACK: Aga Muhlach's viral 'TOTGA' confession about Lea Salonga!

Celebrate the 23rd anniversary of "Sana Maulit Muli" with our favorite "sana naging sila" love team!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

8/9/2018 in News
THROWBACK: Aga Muhlach's viral 'TOTGA' confession about Lea Salonga!

We all have that one piece of paper that’s tucked into a secret corner of our dusty bookshelves: the one that’s been folded and refolded so many times, the ink worn out over time, the declarations of love almost etched into our hearts and minds.

For most of us, love letters are a way for us to revisit the past feelings (over and over again), even if the romance is already gone.

The same is true for Aga Muhlach’s love letter to Lea Salonga, which has been making its rounds online. The letter can be found in Lea's souvenir book "Playlist - A Celebration of 35 Years" which was published in 2013. 

We may not have been part of their relationship (or not-so relationship), but the words speak to us, and we feel as if we’re the ones who experienced the anguish of a secret love.

The very first line “Lea is the one that got away. And she never knew,” will have everyone spiraling back through time to remember their TOTGA (the one that got away).



But even though everyone has been going CRAZY over the letter, Lea remained cool and composed about the whole issue.

“That letter is 4 years old. Sheesh. Daming late to the party na ngayon lang nagkagulo,” she tweeted last Sunday, June 25.



Well, you can’t really blame us, Lea! Aga really had a way with words!

Who did you think of when you read the letter? 😉

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