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International Cat Day: 4 Kapamilya stars who are obsessed with cats

Angelica, Arci, Coleen, and Nathalie are the cat ladies!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

8/8/2018 in News
International Cat Day: 4 Kapamilya stars who are obsessed with cats

Cats have always been considered ~*controversial*~: they were worshipped in Ancient Egypt, they were believed to be bearers of bad spirits, and the mention of them don’t always bring coos the way dogs do.

But once you learn to love them, they’ll really own your heart - they’ll be loyal to you and give you unli cuddles that will make you melt.

Four celebrities discovered that magic of loving cats, and here we list them down as we celebrate International Cat Day today, August 8!

1. Angelica Panganiban

Angelica is a fairly new cat owner, but it’s pretty clear she’s already so smitten with her furry baby!



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Angelica stars in the upcoming movie “Exes Baggage” alongside Carlo Aquino, Black Sheep's initial offering this year.

2. Arci Munoz

The “Since I Found You” actress is a proud cat-mom of three: Artemis, Salem, and Kakashi. They’re all named after popular anime characters, and are just as lovable (if not more!) as their animated counterparts.



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3. Coleen Garcia

Whenever people think of cats, an image of a cute furball comes to mind. But Coleen’s little family of Sphynxes are equally adorable, even without hair!

“Not a lot of people are accustomed to the appeal of this unique breed, but I think Sphynx cats are stunning on a different level!” the actress wrote of her cats.



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Coleen starred in the romantic thriller “Sin Island” earlier this year.

4. Nathalie Hart

Nathalie not only has one, not two, but 11 cats!!! The actress inherited her love for cats from her dad, and her furry family has been a product of eight years’ worth of “collection.”

In an exclusive interview with her last March, Nathalie described having so many cats as “chaos,” but all very worth it at the end of the day.

“The best thing about them is they’re affectionate, and they show you so much love,” she said.



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Nathalie was part of “Sin Island” and “Kusina Kings” this year.

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