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4 love teams and the moments they almost kissed!

From LizQuen to AshLloyd, look back at some of the best "almost kisses" in Star Cinema movies!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/6/2018 in News
4 love teams and the moments they almost kissed!

Almost kissing scenes are the bread and butter of our stanning lives. They're a big source of kilig, sometimes even more so than an actual kiss, because of the anticipation involved in the "almost-ness" of it all.

It gives us the ultimate "will they or won't they?" We look back at the best of the best "almost kisses" from our favorite love teams in Star Cinema movies!

1. Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in "Crazy Beautiful You"


Before their big first kiss in "Barcelona: A Love Untold", Kathryn and Daniel gave us this nugget from "CBY". The little nose kiss, though? Our hearts. <3  

2. Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil in "Everyday I Love You"


LizQuen have yet to share a kiss on the big screen, but if their almost kisses are any indication...it's going to be spicy. I mean just look at them staring into each other's eyes in this scene. Ayiee!

3. Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto in "Love You to the Stars and Back"


The prom scene in "LYSB" is already pretty sweet as it is, with the dancing and the matchmaking, but the "almost kissing" between JoshLia here is the cherry on top of an already fantastic moment. It makes our heart skip a beat. <3

4. John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo in "A Very Special Love"


Okay, so this might unlike other "almost kissing" scenes in this list but it doesn't make it any less kiligtastic or any less romantic. Also, AshLloyd will always have "A Very Special" place in our hearts and we know that applies to you too!

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