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Bea Rose Santiago diagnosed with chronic kidney disease

"A Love To Last" and "La Luna Sangre" star reveals how she got the illness

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

8/5/2018 in News
Bea Rose Santiago diagnosed with chronic kidney disease

Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago has been diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease.

The 28-year-old beauty queen-turned-actress shared a series of Instagram Stories yesterday, August 4, on the current state of her health.

She got admitted to the hospital last August 1 after experiencing severe migraines and vomiting. Eventually, her doctors discovered she has something more severe.

"Yes, I'm sick. Since I damaged my kidneys when I was younger. My kidneys are more sensitive than a normal later 20s healthy woman. I can't overdo things and I just found out. Came to the hospital with my severe migraines and we found out something potentially more dangerous. I'm thankful but at the same time really scared," she wrote.

She further added,  "Guys, if you take pre workout and other heavy workout, please be careful! Apparently there are many more like me. We damage our kidneys because of our gym life. Before you do or change your diet or drink something make sure you don't have bad health history problems! Always ask your doctors!"

She nonetheless assured that "I'm okay."

We wish for your fast recovery, Bea Rose.

Bea Rose appeared in the film "Beauty and the Bestie" in 2015 and the primetime series "A Love To Last" in 2017 and "La Luna Sangre" earlier this year.

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