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Kathryn & Daniel Everyday: Tarantanong with a kilig twist!

Daniel: “That’s for you, my love”

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

8/3/2018 in News
Kathryn & Daniel Everyday: Tarantanong with a kilig twist!

We’ve been looking back at Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s kilig moments from their movies these past couple of days, but it’s now time to revisit a genuinely sweet moment from one of their TV guestings.

The premiere couple played the “Tarantanong Challenge” on “ASAP Chillout” last year, where they only had to ask each other questions - the first to answer loses!


They were laughing the whole time they played the game, but the actress was falling behind on points - Daniel kept winning!

So here comes the kilig part: Daniel purposely answered one of Kathryn’s questions so she could get a point. He even leaned towards her and said, “That’s for you, my love, para manalo ka.”



Daniel also ended up letting Kathryn win the whole game, because that’s what you do for your Bal.


Watch the full video here:

That’s it for today’s edition of Kathryn & Daniel Everyday, but don’t worry! We’ll be serving you more kilig every single day this August! If you have any moments you want to see, just tell us in the comments!

Also, mark your calendars because Kathryn and Daniel are coming back to the big screen! “The Hows of Us” directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina opens in cinemas August 29!

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