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#ThrowbackTuesday: Embrace your 'Jologs' days with Jodi, Diether, Onemig, + more!

Ang kilala mo ay kilala ko at kilala niya!

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño
- 8/28/2018 in Photos

In Gilbert Perez' 2002 Filipino teen comedy-drama film, "Jologs" starring Diether Ocampo, Patrick Garcia, Onemig Bondoc, John Prats, Assunta de Rossi, Jodi Sta. Maria, and more, we've learned that there is no such thing as a coincidence. For most of the things we do, the places we visit, the words we speak are interconnected with the lives of people we know and we do not know. 

Ang liit talaga ng mundo! 

And in celebration of the 16th year of "Jologs," here are some of its movie stills that guarantee one major throwback from its cast!

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