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Here are all the reasons why 'On The Job' is still your fave movie!

"On The Job" turns 5 years old!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 8/28/2018 in Photos

It's been five years since Erik Matti's "On The Job" hit the cinemas and redefined action movies as we knew it. Both an homage to classic Filipino action flicks and a critique of the country's current struggle with corruption, "On The Job" is a cult classic spoken of in the same breath as let's say, David Fincher's "Fight Club", in its ability to shock and thrill and inspire fear in its 120-minute runtime. 

The film, which is led by the country's premiere actors Piolo Pascual, Joel Torre, Joey Marquez, and Gerald Anderson, raises violence to an art form with two storylines, one about "charming" hitmen and another about the detectives trying to put them in jail. "On The Job" is Direk Erik at his best, and on its fifth birthday, we've put together some of its best scenes, which you can browse through in the gallery above.

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