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THOUGHT PICKS: 4 empowering lessons about sisterhood from 'Four Sisters and a Wedding'

Celebrate Women's Equality Day with the Salazar sisters!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/26/2018 in THOUGHT PICKS
THOUGHT PICKS: 4 empowering lessons about sisterhood from 'Four Sisters and a Wedding'

Modern classic "Four Sisters and a Wedding" is a cult favorite for a reason: it brought together some of the country's biggest actresses and gave us a movie that blends the magic of a family comedy with the complexity of matriarchal Filipino families. Today, August 26, as the world celebrates Women's Equality Day, we put the spotlight on the four most empowering lessons "Four Sisters and a Wedding" has imprinted on the world since its release back in 2013.



1. Sisterhood is everything.



"Four Sisters" taught us that women may be strong independently, but they're stronger together, working as a unit for one goal. This is how we rule the world, ladies (or you know, ruin weddings), by sticking together and being generous with each other's resources. Bobbie keeps shelling out money, Teddie gives her sisters the strength to be bold, Gabbie is never selfish with her logic, and Alex will always be there to put things in perspective. Saan sila pupulutin without each other?

2. It's easy to make mistakes when you've got a strong support system of women.



The Salazar sisters are incredibly imperfect human beings just like the rest of us. May mga pagkukulang sila, and they make all sorts of mistakes to cover it up. But the important thing to learn from their big-screen journey is that it's okay to be human, and it's okay to need other people's help.

If you're lucky like them, you have a great support system of fellow girl bosses to help you through life's biggest trials.

3. You shouldn't call anyone "desperada".



It is not okay to steal other people's boyfriends, or call the girl you stole from "desperada". Respect women, especially if you are a woman. This may well be the only time the phrase "Matututo ka kay Mocha" applies.

4. Every relationship should have room for forgiveness.



Human beings mess up, even beautiful, majestic creatures like women. If the Salazar sisters learned to put their past behind them and forgive each other, then you can do the same to your ex-friends too.

The world is already too cruel to women for us to be cruel to each other too.

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