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Who Would You Rather: 'Dubai' and 'Seven Sundays' brothers edition!

It's Enrique vs. Dingdong and John Lloyd vs. Aga! Who will you choose?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/25/2018 in News
Who Would You Rather: 'Dubai' and 'Seven Sundays' brothers edition!

A good man is hard to find, a good man with an even better brother is harder. 

So today, August 25, we marvel at our breakthrough finds with a very special edition of "Who Would You Rather?" featuring two pairs of bros from two of the most heartwarming movies in the past years, 2005's "Dubai" and 2017's "Seven Sundays". 

Our contenders are heavy hitters: It's John Lloyd Cruz vs. Aga Muhlach and Dingdong Dantes vs. Enrique Gil. Ready? Set? Vote!

1. Raffy and Andrew from "Dubai"

John Lloyd's Andrew is optimistic, energetic, and a hardcore idealist. He has a set goal in mind, and he'll do anything to prove that he can achieve it. He's the kind of man you'll be proud to bring home to your parents because he'll probably charm their socks off.


Of course, like many a man out there, Andrew is not perfect. His idealism sometimes borders on delusion, and he's got some serious abandonment issues. But with a face like this, do you even really care?

The Older Brother, Aga's Raffy is even more imperfect but he's got enough redeeming qualities to make you forget that.


Raffy is the kind of womanizing rake you'll love to delude yourself into thinking is "capable of change". He's set on his bachelor ways, but if you dig a little deeper you'll understand that he's just a man lost in his responsibilities. He works hard for his dreams and his brother's, and he's a good, reliable friend whenever you're in a pinch.

Who Would You Rather?
John Lloyd Cruz as Andrew
Aga Muhlach as Raffy
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2. Bryan and Dex from "Seven Sundays"

It's hard to choose between the Bonifacio brothers, but today you're going to have to try.

Being older, Dingdong's Bryan is the more mature of the two. He's a full-fledged adult with a real job and a real car and real responsibilities. Bryan is an ideal man, tall, dark, handsome, and he's got just enough baggage to make him even more irresistible.


You might say, "Anong baggage pinagsasasabi mo diyan?" Well, Bryan sort of has a kid from a previous girlfriend. So, there's that.

If you want a little more excitement, then Enrique's Dex might be more your scene. As the youngest Bonifacio sibling, Dex grew up mostly alone. So yes, he might be more irresponsible than his older brothers but he's independent, and he's a romantic at heart. He'll chase you to Macau with his thesis money level of romantic. 


And Dex is understanding, and protective. He'll be there for you no matter what, just as long as you're there for him too.

Who Would You Rather?
Dingdong Dantes as Bryan
Enrique Gil as Dex
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