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VIRAL ALERT: Maymay and Edward with a baby? Sign us up!

Maymay and Edward get "domestic" with a baby!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim
- 8/24/2018 in Photos

Nothing gives us stans more excitement than seeing our fave love teams holding babies that we can pretend are their own. And that's exactly what happened with Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber when behind-the-scenes photos of what appeared to be a guesting on Korina Sanchez's magazine show "Rated K" went viral last night, August 23. 

The pair, all cozied up and sweet like they always are, were seen cradling and kissing and blowing the nose of a sweet little baby. And it gave us a little peek into what would happen if Maymay and Edward really did end up together in the distant future and honestly? It gave us so much life. Browse through the gallery above because it'll probably make your day so much brighter. 

Maymay and Edward starred in the 2017 hit rom-com "Loving in Tandem" alongside their fellow "Pinoy Big Brother" alumni Marco Gallo and Kisses Delavin. They were also part of the Ryan Bang and Kim Chiu comedy-horror "DOTGA: Da One that Ghost Away". Come December, they'll be back in the big screen via "Fantastica: The Princesses, The Prince, and The Perya."

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