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Sofia @ 20: A look back on her best movie moments!

The best roles of our birthday girl, Sofia Andres!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/24/2018 in News
Sofia @ 20: A look back on her best movie moments!

Today, August 24, we celebrate Sofia Andres' 20th birthday. And as we bid goodbye to this talented young actress' teen years, we look back at her best and most memorable movie moments these past few years. From "She's Dating the Gangster" to "Bloody Crayons" and even to her hilarious "My Ex and Whys" cameo, Sofia's best roles are on the spotlight today!

1. "She's Dating the Gangster"

In "Gangster", Sofia starred alongside Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla as the beautiful yet unfortunately, dying OG Athena, also known as Abigail. Sofia was perfect for the role, with her angelic face and soft-spoken nature. 

Her journey is ultimately a tragic one, but there's no one who can say she didn't shine. 

2. "My Ex and Whys"

Sofia's "MEAW" cameo is one for the books. She opened this movie as the "Heartbroken Customer Girl" in a scene which epitomizes all our romantic fantasies: only in the movies can you spill coffee everywhere and still get the opportunity to fall in love. 

Only in the movies, and only if you look like the birthday girl. LOL!

3. Bloody Crayons

Sofia met a "Bloody" end in this movie. As the character Marie, she, unfortunately, fell in love with a psychotic serial killer's ex-boyfriend and was the first among her friends to die. However, unlike Olivia's (played by the fantastic Jane Oineza) more violent kills, Marie's was done with a healthy (or should we say unhealthy?) dose of poison during a round of the Bloody Crayons game. 

After Marie's death, we realized we weren't just sitting through your typical teen suspense-thriller movie.

Happy birthday, Sofia! <3

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