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EXCLUSIVE: Daydreaming of Canada? Let Darren take you there in 4 minutes!

From Calgary, to Vancouver, to Victoria, to Montreal!

Kirsten Olaño
Kirsten Olaño

8/24/2018 in LIFESTYLE
EXCLUSIVE: Daydreaming of Canada? Let Darren take you there in 4 minutes!

A good friend to his showbiz and non-showbiz pals, singer-actor Darren Espanto exudes the kind of vibe that can make anyone volunteer to be his travel buddy. 

With his light, vibrant aura, who doesn't want to be with Yohan?      

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Before he became a household name here in the Philippines, Darren was popular among his kababayans in Canada where he won the Masters Finals of the "Pinoy Singing Sensation" competition in Edmonton.  

And as a Filipino who spent his childhood in Calgary, the 17-year-old singer has the best recommendations in case you want to spend your savings to fulfill "The Great White North" experience!   

"Sa province ko sa Alberta, andoon lahat ng magagandang scenery. Nandoon 'yung Banff (Banff National Park), nandoon 'yung Lake Louise," he told us in an exclusive chat.





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"Anytime of the year you can go up the gondolas to see the view of Banff. And if you're lucky, minsan may makikita kang deer na nagko-cross." 

He also mentioned other provinces that offer same great vibe. One can take the ferry ride from Vancouver to Victoria where one can witness whales, harbor seals, and sea lions in a three-hour whale-watching activity around the Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands.

"Kung gusto mo namang maging isang French-speaking person, you can go to Montreal. Maganda ang architecture doon, inspired by the French colony."     





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He even recalled their family trip to Toronto when he was just a kid that took them five days on the road from Calgary. Nonetheless, Toronto has the best camping spots such as the Elora Gorge Conservation Area, Sandbanks Provincial Park, Bruce Peninsula National Park, and more. 



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And on finding the best places to indulge your tummy with the most sumptuous Canadian delicacies, the singing heartthrob has tons to offer. 

"Sa Canada po kapag gusto niyong mag-cherry-picking pwede na kayo sa Kelowna. You can pick a lot of fruits there. I've been there to cherry-pick, to pick apples as well. Lahat ng fruits actually."   



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"Pero kung gusto mo talaga mag-food trip dinadayo sa amin 'yung Calgary Stampede. Kahit 'yung mga taga-ibang probinsya, lumilipad to be there for one week. 



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During the Calgary Stampede festival, tourists and locals can enjoy the most outrageous and exotic foods such as the Cricket Grilled Cheese, Cricket Caramel Apple, Prairie Oyster Balls, Deep-Fried Banana Peppers, Cheesy Chicken Hearts, and more! 





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And finally, for tourists who are into shopping galore, here's Darren's practical tip: "Kung gusto niyong mag-shopping punta kayo sa amin, sa Alberta. Kasi 'yung taxes doon pinakamababa." 

Watch full video here:

Catch Darren on August 29 in "The Hows Of Us" with the King and Queen of Hearts, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. 

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