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Here's why everyone wants to work with Liza Soberano

Liza might boast one of the most beautiful faces in the country, but that doesn't mean she ~knows~ it.

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

8/23/2018 in News
Here's why everyone wants to work with Liza Soberano

Here's the secret to Liza Soberano's success.

Mickey See, her long-time make up artist, took to Instagram last night, August 23, to detail the actress' most beautiful features. Clue: none of them is her much-talked-about and much-admired face. 



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He wrote, "If there’s a girl not conscious about how she’ll look like in front of a camera, then that’s my baby girl Liza Soberano."

According to Mickey, Liza always puts the needs of her team and everyone working around before her own. This lack of diva behavior and narcissism is exactly why people adore not just her, but also working with her.

He continued, "No frills, no drama. During shoots, she’s not too fussy about her angles. All she cares about is how she’ll make the team she works with happy and the client she endorses satisfied. Always game and energetic. Always ready to deliver. A beauty au naturel that’s always ready to be wacky."

Mickey's comments section was flooded with love from fans, including a short but sweet compliment from Miss World 2013, actress Megan Young.

Doesn't this make you love Liza even more? What a sweetheart!

Liza starred in the hit romantic comedy "My Ex and Whys" alongside leading man Enrique Gil. She will take on the titular role in "Darna" for Erik Matti's upcoming reboot.

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