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Senior Citizen Day: The lolas take charge in 'Everyday I Love You'

Who run the world? Ethan (Enrique Gil) and Audrey's (Liza Soberano) lolas!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim
- 8/22/2018 in Photos

In the second installment of our Senior Citizen Day celebration this week, we're taking a moment to applaud the dauntless Ledesma Sisters and the strong Lavi, the lolas of "Everyday I Love You" played by Marissa Delgado, Eva Darren, Marita Zobel, and Liza Lorena. These characters have gone through heartbreak, death, cheating husbands (we're looking at you Lola Maribel!) and still manage to live their lives as fierce and fearless women. They raised beautiful children and perfect grandchildren, and they're generous with their love advice too!

They are everything we wish to be, and we sincerely hope we become exactly like them when we grow up.

Browse through some of their best moments in the movie in the gallery above!

If you want to see more scenes from "Everyday I Love You", you can watch these videos:

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