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4 explosively fearless revelations from Kathryn and Daniel at ‘The Hows of Us’ media day

Daniel: “It’s a 24-hour job na maging malupit na boyfriend”

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

8/22/2018 in News
4 explosively fearless revelations from Kathryn and Daniel at ‘The Hows of Us’ media day

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have a magnetic allure that keeps people wanting to know more about them - Are they together in real life? How deep are their feelings for each other? Does forever exist between them?

They’ve stayed low-key and vague about their status these past few years, but at “The Hows of Us” media day this afternoon, August 22, the premiere love team surprised everyone by answering all these questions with truth and sincerity.

Here are the four most explosively kilig statements they made earlier:

1. When they experienced a time they grew tired of their relationship - and how they moved past it

Daniel shared that they’re partners both on and off the screen, and being together 24/7 sometimes leads to feeling tired of the relationship.

“Dumadating man kami sa puntong ‘yun, bumabalik pa rin kami at nare-refresh kami sa sarili namin. At nami-miss ko pa rin siya kahit araw-araw kaming magkasama. ‘Di na nga kami sanay na magkahiwalay eh,” Daniel said, adding that they still have so many things they want to experience together.

“Mas looking forward pa akong makasama si Kathryn sa mas marami pang mga biyahe sa personal naming buhay dahil marami pa kaming gagawin. I think ‘yun ‘yun, a next level of love or or a next level in the relationship,” he said.

Kathryn added that growing together and giving each other space is also key to a healthy relationship.

“Kailangan para sa isang relationship to work, mas nagma-mature kayo together… Like two years ago, ‘yung mga pinag-aawayan namin, hindi ko na masasabing pinag-aawayan namin ngayon. Iba na,” she said. 

Kathryn added, “Ang secret lang talaga is you grow together and ‘wag lang too much sa lahat. Kunwari si DJ binibigyan ko siya ng buhay with family, with friends. Ako binibigyan niya rin ako, basta ‘wag to the point na sasakalin niyo ang isa’t isa. Kailangan may buhay din kayo separately and together.”

2. When Daniel admitted it’s hard to maintain a relationship, and that’s exactly what makes it great

“‘Yung sa amin ni Kathryn, hindi siya effort [para mag-work], pero it’s a 24-hour job na maging malupit na boyfriend,” the actor said, and further stressed the importance of putting in effort every single day.

“Hindi ako malupit na boyfriend, struggling ako, and mahirap siya. I think ‘pag dumali, ‘yun ‘yung problema… kasi hindi ka na ume-effort. ‘Pag mahirap, mas okay ‘yun… kasi nga may growth ‘yung relationship and may growth ka as a person. Sa personal life namin, marami pa kaming mga plano and excited pa kami dun. May plano ka dapat, para napi-picture mo. Hindi pwedeng padaloy-daloy lang. Magulo ‘yun,” he said.

3. When they believe they’ve found forever in each other

“That’s the plan,” was all Daniel said when asked about staying with Kathryn forever. He also shared that he feels that way because of how much she’s influenced his life for the better.

“She makes me a better person. Totoo ‘yun. [More than] kilig, ‘yun ‘yung kailangan mong hanapin. It doesn’t mean nawala ‘yung kilig hindi mo na mahal. Kailangan mo lang hanapin ‘yung mas malalim na rason kung bakit mo mahal ‘yung tao, aside from kilig,” he said.

Kathryn echoed Daniel’s statement, and said that they wouldn’t have made it this far if they aren’t planning to spend their future together.

“Kung ‘di mo nakikita ‘yung future mo sa isang tao, bakit ka magse-stay? Sa’min ni DJ, nandito kami, kapit-kamay kami kasi merong dahilan kung bakit kami nagse-stay at marami kaming gustong gawin in the future together,” she said.

4. When they revealed how long they’ve been a couple

“Basta more than five years na,” Daniel said.


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