15 times Star Cinema movies showed us around the globe

From Italy to Korea and more, travel the world through Star Cinema movies

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Star Cinema Admin

8/2/2018 in LIFESTYLE
15 times Star Cinema movies showed us around the globe

Showcasing the beauty of the world, Star Cinema has traveled overseas time and time again to bring us unforgettable stories from beyond our borders.

Here are the 15 Star Cinema films that made us want to travel the world.

1. Sana Maulit Muli (1995) 

The iconic San Francisco Bridge.

2. Milan (2004)

Who wants to try the Gondola ride?

3. All My Life (2004)

Ride the elephant with your loved ones. <3

4. Dubai (2005)

5. For The First Time (2008) 

The breathtaking view of Santorini <3

6. Caregiver (2008)

Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge, and Tower of London.

7. In My Life (2009) 

Explore the city of New York.

8. Miss You Like Crazy (2010)

The iconic Petronas Towers.

9. In The Name Of Love (2011) 

The picturesque Mt. Fuji.

10. 24/7 In Love (2012)

Vietnam market and tourist spots.

11. Suddenly It's Magic (2012) 

The Doi Suthep temple.

12. It Takes A Man And A Woman (2013) 

A peek at what you can do when you're in New York.

13. A Moment In Time (2013)

See the Old Centre of Amsterdam interweaved by little canals.

14. Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016)

The beauty of Sagrada La Familia complementing two of the biggest and beautiful stars.

15. My Ex and Whys (2017)

South Korea's picturesque Nami Island is in its full cinematic beauty. 

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